November 20th - 26th, 2017

We're proud to support local; Ontario and Canadian grown,"try something fresh".


Special Alert:

***TOMATOES (all)- We are seeing a major gap and short product, pricing is high and we don’t expect things to settle down before the holidays, North Mexico froze out which will affect Roma, the market is not expected to recover until after the holidays.  Peppers pricing high!  Seeing a gap in plums, none available for another week.


Looking Ahead:

Pears expected to tighten up over the next few weeks, prices expected to rise.



Local Beets now available, sizing is large, Green and Red Cabbage available.


Good things grow in Ontario:

Apples• Cabbage  •Celery Root •Garlic• Leeks• Mushrooms• Onions - Cooking• Potatoes - White (new crop)• Radishes (bunched)• Rutabaga• Squashes - Spaghetti, Pepper, Buttercup• Turnips - White•



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