We're proud to support local; Ontario and Canadian grown,"try something fresh".


Looking Ahead:

California Grape season will be shorter than expected due to 20% less production. California Persimmons starting next week.



Ontario Broccoli continuing through to the end of October.  Seeing the last of local Zucchini this week, expected to transition to US/Mexico in the next two weeks.  Local corn finished for the season.  Eggplant supplies are limited at the moment as we come to the end of local.  Local Beans finishing, expected to end in the next 2 weeks. Field Peppers and Tomatoes will finish in the next 7-10 days.  This is the last week for Grown in Canada Iceberg, Romaine and Leaf Lettuces.  Local Watermelon finished for the season.



Good things grow in Ontario:

Apples• Beans Sprouts• Blue Coronation Grapes• Bok Choy• Broccoli• Cabbage - Green & Red• Cauliflower• Celery & Root• Corn• Cucumbers• Eggplant• Garlic• Leeks• Lettuces• Mushrooms• Nectarines• Onions - Cooking• Peppers - Red, Yellow, Orange, Jalapeño, Long Hot, Field Green• Potatoes - White (new crop)• Radicchio• Radishes (bunched)• Rapini• Rutabaga• Spinach• Squashes - Spaghetti, Pepper, Buttercup• Turnips - White• Zucchini



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