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Local: Local Rhubarb started, Asparagus now available, price will be up to start. Local Ramps have started.  Strawberries (June berries) expected end of month.



Brussel Sprouts, high due to demand, green grapes up due to region, cauliflower, green beans and avocado’s up in price, due to growing region. Red onion pricing on the rise, spiked this week.  Asparagus has transitioned out of Mexico, supplies tight driving prices way up. Lettuces still, seeing blister/peel. Celery still on a pricing roller coaster, cost up again this week. due to a tight market and limited supply.


Looking ahead: The Bud is back in town, ask for additional details.   Click here to see the CBC article on PEI potatoes.


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For additonal information please email roseland@roselandproduce.ca and a representative will be pleased to assist you.